Twenty years ago I made a substantial career change and moved from clinical practice to the pharmaceutical industry. I did not really know into what I was entering, after all such a career path was not taught in medical school and I had nobody from within the industry to discuss or consult with. I was therefore quite worried if not to say terrified in those early days, but thankfully, it all turned out well and I have been enjoying a successful and fulfilling versatile career in the industry ever since, either as an employee or independent consultant.

After many years of experience through my work, appraisal and mentoring volunteer roles, I have come across quite a few colleagues in the early steps of their pharmaceutical career, or considering moving in that direction, facing the same dilemma I had all those years ago. I know very well how difficult the decision can be.

For that reason, I am happy to offer you, if you are in that situation, a 30’ one-to-one telephone informal consultation to help you in taking the right decision for you, trying to highlight the ups and down of career in the pharmaceutical industry.

I do not charge for this service but I kindly ask you to donate at least £50 to your charity of choice.

Please note that I am not a recruiter and the purpose of our talk is NOT to offer or find you a job in the industry.